First and foremost, thank you for visiting the LocaGrow blog. I am the founder and director of LocalGrow.org, which is an independent organization dedicated to encouraging a stronger agriculturally-informed community by creating a place to gather for consumers and local food producers, and enriching life.

LocalGrow.org is organized into subsets that provide information on local gardening techniques and food vendors, which is developed and sustained by the community. The subsets are co-operative in that WikiGrow helps new and expert local gardeners cultivate a successful harvest, and the MarketPlace helps food producers directly connect with consumers looking for healthy sustainable food production practices:

  • WikiGrow provides an easy-to-understand outline of information to guide new local gardeners through the process of cultivating a successful harvest.
  • MarketPlace provides a portal for food producers to directly communicate with their consumers and be transparent about where their food is grown.

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